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In the late 60’s a group of parents from the Cessnock region met to share their experiences of caring for a child with a disability

They were concerned about securing a future for their children.

They formed a committee and started engaging the local community. Many groups and government organisation were supportive. And so, EGA was built by local people for local people and has always been managed by people of the Hunter region.

This initial group was innovative and proactive - they didn’t want to wait for business or government to give them a handout or a hand up. They made a decision to create their own organisation that portrayed the key attributes that the Cessnock district was well known for – teamwork and tenacity.

They were brave. They looked out for each other. They were all about delivering results for their community and, especially for their children.

They were industrious and entrepreneurial from the very start.

In 1970 they established a commercial laundry as the first social enterprise. Soon after they started building oyster racks for local farmers, wooden spools for Titan Manufacturing, pallets for BHP and aluminium anode collars for Alcan. They built communal housing for their participants so they could be close to their employment and, more importantly, so they could develop strong social bonds with each other.

They started more commercial ventures in the 80’s and 90’s. Most things worked well, some endeavours weren’t so successful but at all times they persevered.

Over the last 50 years we’ve helped a lot of people and made a lot of positive difference in the lives of many local families.

In 2018 Sunnyfield acquired EGA’s disability services division and continues to deliver tailored disability services and supports to more than 200 clients across the
Hunter region.

Today we operate across a much broader geographical area and offer a far greater range of services but one thing has remained a constant over all this time … our participants remain at the heart of everything we do.

And that will never change.

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