Disability Support

Discover your way with ega!

EGA has been creating choice and opportunity for people in the Hunter Valley who are living with a disability for 50 years.

We empower individuals with a disability to work towards their goals, increase independence, develop skills and participate as valued and active members of our community.

We’re here to help you shine in whatever way you need.

We are focussed on providing ways for you to be independent, to be active, to contribute, to learn and most importantly, enjoy each and every day as much as you can.

Our dedicated and highly experienced staff and supporters work with you to create your own pathways for developing your skills, finding suitable employment and socialising with others or simply enjoying your own time in a way that makes you most comfortable.

Here since 1968

Shine with us

Our experienced team have been supporting individuals living with a disability achieve their goals for half a century!

Since 1968 we’ve been helping people living with a disability to become more confident and more independent and we’d like to help you do the same.

At EGA we offer a variety of individual, group based and weekend support options that encourage you to be active and engaged. We are here to help contribute to your local community, to learn new things, make new friends and, most importantly, have as much fun as possible along the way!

Providing Pathways

Learn with us

Our team of energetic and highly experienced staff work closely with our clients to create their own pathways to work experience and employment.

We are passionate about helping our clients develop their skills and find the right role for them. This can include building work readiness skills and providing training to suit your individual goals and aspirations.

EGA also serves as a registered training organisation (RTO) so we have the capacity to offer tailored training to our clients ‘under the same roof’ as our other services. Many of our clients find this a comfort when it comes to learning news skills. It also happens to be very convenient!

Training & EMployment

Work with us

If you’d like a job that suits your needs and will provide you with a sense of satisfaction, we will do everything in our power to make it happen!

Once you’ve identified a job that you’d like we work closely with our RTO, EGA Training, to make sure you have the relevant qualifications and training that will help you transition to the workforce as soon as possible.

We help out clients get jobs across a host of different industries including hospitality, retail, manufacturing and maintenance.  

We also have opportunities available at the three social enterprises that are owned and operated by EGA.