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our focus is always on you!

We understand that the first step is finding out what makes you, YOU!

Our experienced team are here to get to know you and connect you with the services and support that you need in your life so you can create your day, your way.

We have been creating choice and opportunity for people in the Hunter Valley who are living with a disability for 50 years. From our six convenient locations across the Hunter, EGA offers a diverse mix of activity-based programs that can help you create your world the way you want it.

We empower individuals with a disability to work towards their goals, increase independence, develop skills and participate as valued and active members of our community.

EGA is focussed on providing pathways that enable you to be independent, to be active, to contribute, to learn and most importantly, to enjoy each and every day as much as you can.

Our dedicated and highly experienced staff work with you to create your own pathways for developing your skills, finding suitable employment and socialising with others or simply enjoying your own time in a way that makes you most comfortable.

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